The Gazzsuits collections are a collection of print designs by GAZZ Sport collaborative designers. Ordering them is quick, because the print design is completely ready.

Each collection has several color options. During the season, we sell a limited number of one color palette, in order to keep a bit of uniqueness in the suits.

The order can be supplemented even after several years, because we keep the printed materials. If the composition of the team changes or if the suits are sold on, you can order similar suits for the new members.

The suits are designed and produced in Tampere, Finland. Our fabrics come from a factory in Italy with a long experience in the production of sports textiles.



All suits are the same price. The price depends on the order quantity. When the order quantity is:

  • 1-3 pieces, price: €135/suit
  • 4-9 pieces, price: €130/suit
  • more than 10 pieces, price: €120/suit


The collections can be viewed on our website, but ordering is started via the contact form or email.

You will be sent a personal order form to place the order. In the form, you choose the collection, color palette, details of the suit and indicate the sizes to be ordered.

Fitting suits are always ordered by email.

The delivery time is approx. 2-3 weeks, from when the order form is filled out and the full assortment is clear.


You can choose the following details yourself:

  • Suit model: skirt, v-jumpsuit or aerobics suit
  • Sleeve style: long sleeve, t-shirt sleeve or sleeveless
  • Fastening style: zipper or snap fastening
  • Neckline: collared suit or O-neckline
  • Skin tone: there are three skin tones in the selection. Instead of the skin tone, you can change a single color background.


The color of the skin print can be chosen individually for each suit from three different shade options: beige, brown or choco.

If you don't want a skin tone for the suit, you can change a single color background. Please, ask Gazz about the suitable background color when ordering.



The hem of the skirt suit can be changed to a transparent mesh hem.

Price: +5 €/suit

Under the lycra hem, you can add a mesh hem to mask the wrong side of the fabric that remains white. This is a popular option, especially in acrosuits.

Price: from +15 €/suit


The V-jumpsuit can be decorated by choosing the matching decorations for the print of the suit. The rectangular decorations are attached to the legs when sewing.

Price: +25 €/suit


The Finnish flag can be added to the left sleeve of the suit. The flag is added on top of the print and it is sublimated with the rest of the print.

Price: +2 €/suit